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A Novel Full of Wit, Charm, and a Magical Twist

One Last Stop

Written by Casey McQuiston

432 Pages

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

A Novel Full of Wit, Charm, and a Magical Twist

MY HEART. OH MY HEART. This book will absolutely go down as one of my top five favorite books of the year (and top three so far). I loved RED, WHITE, AND ROYAL BLUE by the same author, but this book was so much better--in my opinion. McQuiston friggin delivered… and delivered hard. I read this book as a kickstart to Pride Month, but really this book would be the perfect start to any month!

A book with LGBTQIA+ representation, magical realism, historical fiction, romance, comedy, and sexy, curvy characters--all built into one book! What more could you ask for?

This novel is full of wit, charm, and magic. I loved all the wonderfully quirky and unique characters. McQuiston touched on the way August’s upbringing sometimes hurt her but was also something that made her skilled and powerful. I adored--yet it also saddened me--seeing Jane’s journey unravel while McQuiston respectfully displays so much queer history through her and others. The novel explores all sides of the relationship between August and Jane without hesitation.

Looking for a book with positive LGBTQIA+ representation but with a magical twist? Request ONE LAST STOP from our free library here.

By Andrea Mischke Aug 7, 2021

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