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Learning to Love and Respect Others for Who They Are

When Aidan Became A Brother

Written by Kyle Lukoff

Illustrated by Kaylani Juanita

Ages: 4-7 | 32 Pages

Publisher: Lee & Low Books

An excellent addition to your classroom, WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BROTHER introduces young readers to Aidan, a transgender boy who is excited to welcome his new sibling into the world and make sure that they feel welcome, too.

Whereas books such as IT FEELS GOOD TO BE YOURSELF provide detailed descriptions of important terms, such as what it means to be cis- or transgender, this book imparts a similar message through heartfelt storytelling. As readers, we learn that everyone thought Aidan was a girl when he was born, but they were wrong. Aidan didn’t feel like any kind of girl and instead was really another kind of boy. We see him make the decision to tell his parents, who love him just the same as their son!

One day, Aidan’s parents tell him that he is going to be a big brother, and he can't wait to help his parents welcome this new member of their family into the world. He helps them pick out new baby clothes and paint his future sibling’s bedroom walls. Though Aidan still faces more challenges throughout this story. People continue to ask his parents if they are having a boy or a girl. Aidan doesn’t like when people ask this question because it still hurts his feelings when people ask if he is a boy or a girl.

From this children’s book, we learn not to make assumptions about people, and we learn to love and respect someone for exactly who they are.

Want to include this book in your classroom library? Request it here today! You can also find a virtual read aloud of this story here.

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