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Project Open Books Reaches $15,000 in Books Donated on 2 Year Anniversary

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Project Open Books is thrilled to announce that we have donated more than $15,000 in books to readers in thirty-five states! That's over 1,000 books! This comes just two years after president and founder, Joshua Lambert, introduced Project Open Books to his network.

Since then, we've had the most wonderful conversations with K-12 educators looking to create more inclusive spaces. We've shared our mission and highlighted the importance of barrier-free access to relatable content at corporate and community events. And most importantly, we've had the chance to connect with people from all over. We've shared stories, we've created a community of readers, and we sure the heck are not going to slow down.

To help us continue this amazing work, we've created an option on our website for individuals to make a recurring donation. Even a small recurring donation of $5 per month will help us offset our operating expenses, and a donation of $25 will help us fulfill one book request per month, including shipping and handling costs. All donations are tax-deductible.

Let's continue to achieve our goal and provide the gift of a book to create more inclusive spaces, whether in a home, a classroom, an office, or a gathering place. Those of us at Project Open Books feel incredibly grateful for the continued support. From all of us here at the Project, we thank you!

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