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The Gay Prince We’ve Yet to See in a Disney Movie

Prince and Knight

Written by Daniel Haack

Illustrated by Stevie Lewis

Ages 4 - 8 | 40 Pages

Publisher: Little Bee Books

We’re all familiar with the myriad of famous Disney princesses: Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Bell, Ariel, Jasmin, Tiana, Rapunzel… the list goes on and on. And almost all of Disney’s princesses end up living happily ever after with their Prince Charming.

But what about a Disney movie with a prince who’s more than a mere fairy tale stock figure? A prince who’s a bit different from other princes? A prince whose quest is not to find a worthy bride but instead a noble husband?

Alas, it’s still too good to be true--such a Disney movie does not yet exist. However, you can still read Daniel Haack’s PRINCE AND KNIGHT, a story that will absolutely warm your heart. The story begins when the prince’s parents, the current king and queen, decide that they are ready to relinquish control of the kingdom to their son. Nevertheless, they feel that ruling a kingdom is too much to ask of a single person, so they begin to search for the perfect bride for their son.

After attending numerous balls and meeting many, many potential suitors, the prince finds that not a single woman is right for him. Then, one day, a dragon enters the realm of the kingdom, and the prince rides his horse valiantly out into battle. When engaging in battle with this menacing dragon, the prince slips from his horse and is rescued by a knight in shining armor.

Together, the prince and knight are able to defeat the dragon, and they ride together back to the castle where they are welcomed by all. This time it is the prince--not the princess--who finds his perfect suitor, a man to call his husband, as the book ends with the two of them celebrating their wedding surrounded by everyone in the kingdom.

Looking for a great book to help break the stereotype that princes are merely boring stock figures meant to save a distressed princess? PRINCE AND KNIGHT is the perfect book to show young children that a prince--not only princesses--can have a darling husband and live happily ever after, too. What’s more, Stevie Lewis’ marvelous illustrations bring the characters and magical kingdom to life, lifting Daniel Haack’s story right off the page!

Want to include this book in your elementary school classroom? Request it here. You can also find additional classroom activity worksheets here.

By Derek Wiebke Aug 3, 2021

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