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Check out the ways we can partner to create more inclusive spaces. 

Professional Collateral Kit

The free kit includes custom Project Open Books stickers and custom Project Open Books bookmarks. These are resources for youth service professionals, educators, and mental healthcare providers, that can be used to connect people with free and inclusive literature. 

Project Open Books Stickers

Request Project Open Books custom stickers to place on the inside cover of your LGBTQIA+ books. This is a way for students to find additional resources online at no cost.

Classroom Starter

We are glad to work with all educators to find age-appropriate books that are right for their space. Our classroom starter provides teachers with 1-2 books at no cost.

Sponsored Book Club 

We are happy to sponsor a book club! Let us know what LGBTQIA+ book your group is interested in reading. 

Virtual Read Alouds 

Click here to access our digital library of virtual read-alouds. 

Classroom Activities (Children's Books)

Click here to view free & downloadable classroom activities. 

Additional Resources 

Click here for a list of LGBTQIA+ affirming resources that might be beneficial to your classroom community.

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